Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wow! Paris was absolutely amazing! We ended up missing our Eurostar train and having to catch the next one, so, that threw things into a tailspin. But, we recovered nicely. What an amazing city. We walked around and it´s like nothing I´ve seen before. We went to all the tourist attractions.

I will go into more detail tomorrow once we hit the ship. Our internet connection in London was the pits and it took all of my battery to upload the few pics and post the London message. We don´t have the right converter here to convert for my power cord, so, when we hit the ship, we´ll have power and I can post some pictures and go into lots more detail. Plus, by then I´ll have some sleep and can be a bit more coherent. We´re running on about 8 hrs sleep over the course of 3 days.

We´re in Barcelona now. What a fabulous city! We walked down La Ramblas and saw the street people perform. We went to the gorgeous church that they´ve been building for I have no idea how many years. I´ll know when I post tomorrow.

We just came back from seeing the most amazing sight. They have this gorgeous water feature that is lighted and dances to music. It only runs in October and November on Friday and Saturday nights. It was the most spectacular sight!

I have taken a ton of photos and will post some tomorrow when we get on the ship. Each day is better than the first! Having a ball!

Check back tomorrow for pictures!

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