Sunday, October 5, 2008


On our way to the ship today, we toured the Gaudi museaum. The mosaics were amazing! It's been another long day. I'll post more tomorrow with details of the things we have seen. But, since the ship's internet is as slow as it was in Europe, I'm going to need to download a photo program tomorrow to resize my photos since they are so large, they don't want to upload.

When I get back, I will go into more details on all that we see and will put up lots more pictures. I will put together some slideshows and label each of the photos. The internet connection on the ship is very show and my pictures are too large to upload.

We're on the ship now and will be at sea all day Monday. Tuesday we'll leave the ship for our Malta Scenic Beauty excurion. We'll see the Blue Grotto while there, and so much more.

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Patti said...

Thanks for the updates and the photos. Can't wait to see more. What a wonderful trip - you deserve it!