Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pompeii, Sorrento, & Capri

Another fantastic day! Just when I think it can't get any better, it does! Today we visited the ruins of Pompeii. We shopped in Sorrento and did some sightseeing in Capri. The ruins in Pompeii were nothing like I had imagined. Everyone is saying the same thing. We did not expect it to be as massive as it was. The ruins of Pompeii came from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. When the lava flowed, it came down the volcano and buried the city below. People who were walking down or standing in the street were stopped in their tracks and covered with lava. We saw both humans and a dog. The insides of the walls of the buildings were amazing. They painted scenes on the walls of their homes. Some of these paintings are still visable! There were also graffiti etchings on the walls of the theatre.
We then moved on to Sorrento to do some serious shopping. LOL! The inlaid wooden boxes were gorgeous. There was also the most beautiful table I have ever seen. I have taken a picture of it and will post it at a later time. I said that if I were ever to have a table that gorgeous in my home, there would be barbed wire around it so that nobody could get close enough to it to put a scratch on it! LOL!
We then took a hydrofoil to the island of Capri. Once on the island we took a bus about half way up to top. The road winds around and around and is barely wide enough for two vehicles to get through. Let's just say, we had a close call or three! LOL!
After spending some time on the island, we took another hydrofoil back to the port and boarded the ship. We've spent each evening doing some of the many activites provided. Tonight we went to a showing of the Second City Comedy group. Very funny. After that, we moved on to the Spinnaker Lounge for a game of The Newlywed Game. I have not laughed so much in a very long time! The Emcee was a hoot and the couples ranged from being married 5 days, 10 days and up to 43 years. Following The Newlywed Game they was a Dancing with the Stars competition, but, we didn't stay for that. We need to finally get to bed before 12:30! It will be a long day tomorrow as we tour Rome.
I took many pictures today and will post some tomorrow along with some Rome photos.
Well, off to bed! We may actually make it to bed by 11. Good thing as we need to be up by 6 to be ready for our excursion at 7:30.

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