Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wow! What a day! We left the ship at 8 am and headed for Rome. It's about a 1 1/2 hr bus ride from Civitavecchia to Rome. We arrived and walked to the Trevi Fountain to toss in a coin. After the fountain we headed for the ruins of the Coliseum. The architectural dig continues at the Coliseum.

After the Coliseum, we headed for some lunch. What we thought was going to be a quick lunch turned out to be a 5 course meal! We were stuffed and did not expect to eat that much for lunch. After lunch, we boarded our bus to The Vatican. Gorgeous! The lines were long, but it didn't take us long to wind our way to the door to enter. Absolutely one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen!

We are exhausted! We have walked what seems like a million miles. Good thing tho as the food on the ship is delicious! Tomorrow is another full day tour filled with Pisa and Florence. My plan is to get to bed tonight at a decent hour so I can catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzs!

I was going to post some Pompeii and Rome pictures, but the internet is very slow here again tonight. Hopefully tomorrow!

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