Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting into the Groove

Wow! Did I have a hard time getting back into the groove after returning from our fabulous trip! I could sit and daydream all day about the fabulous places that we saw!

But, the time has come to get my rear in gear and get going! LOL! I can't believe that Thanksgiving as fast approaching. With Thanksgiving comes the Holiday Craft Fair that I participate in the Saturday after Turkey Day. I've been doing it now for at least 5 years. I need to get busy and paint some mailboxes and other small items to sell. Hopefully, there will be a good turnout. Usually around 2500-3000 people come as it benefits a local child's charity.

I've also been busy creating lots of great Holiday gift workshops. Many of those items will be gifts for my nieces and Sister in Law as it's hard to know what to get them since they live so far away.

And, finally, I need to be sewing American Girl and Bitty Baby doll clothes for Crafter's Gallery as November 22nd is their 15th anniversary so there will be a huge celebration in the store and the first weekend in December will be the Victorian Streetwalk, so I need to make sure my shelves are well stocked!

One would think that the holidays are a surprise to me every year! LOL! Seems like all of a sudden they're here and I'm running around like a mad woman! LOL!

Well, better go hang some wash. I can't believe it's still in the 50's and 60's in upstate NY this time of the year. Loving it!

Have a wonderful day!

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