Monday, November 10, 2008

My Kitten is Missing :(

I'm so upset! I've looked all over the property, but no sign of her. CC (Cute Cat or Crazy Cat) is only 5 months old. She's a cutie plus a little wild (thus the crazy cat tag) LOL!! She was in the barn with my husband Saturday night sitting on his shoulder like a of her favorite things to do. She'd been playing with the bandages over night as they were scattered around, but she was nowhere to be found yesterday morning when I went to feed the horses. She usually sleeps on some bandages on the anvil stand and is always there when I go into the barn in the morning. She wasn't there yesterday morning. :( I looked all over yesterday but couldn't find her. My husband said he didn't see her in the morning yesterday either. I had hoped she would be in her bed this morning when I went to feed, but she wasn't there.

Due to my allergies & asthma, all of our kitties have to be barn kitties. She's been so good about staying in the barn except to follow us when we go down to feed horses. She loves to ride the golf cart with our grandson. Please keep good thoughts for CC and that we find her......

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