Thursday, December 4, 2008

Craft Fair

Last Saturday I was a vendor at a huge craft fair. It's a local fair that benefits a local children's charity. This was my 5th year as a vendor. With the economy as it is, myself and other vendors did not know what to expect. It turns out that we worried for nothing! Over 2400 people came through the doors to shop! It appears that people in this area have chosen to spend their hard earned money at local shops and through local crafters this year (something that I plan on doing also). It turned out to be a very successful show! Now I need to get busy and paint the special orders that I came home with. It really was a lot of fun as I see many of the same vendors and shoppers from year to year. This year the organizer told me that one woman almost knocked him down after asking where my booth was :) She came flying over and picked out a mailbox and was back out the door in record time. LOL! I also made another lady's day as she'd been looking for a horse mailbox for over a year (evidently she hasn't stopped by Crafter's Gallery *smile*). She kept coming back after placing her order to tell me how excited she was. Sure feels good to make somebody's day!*wink*

Well, I better go get much to little time!

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