Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toasted (and roasted) Coconuts!

Remember the photos I posted earlier of all the firewood I had stacked? Well, the time has come to start burning some. A little background here...we haven't used the wood furnace in about 25 years, and we've installed a new oil furnace in the meantime., we head to the basement to start a fire. We notice that some wires had been cut so, hubby decides he "thinks" he knows where they need to be connected. I head back up the stairs to shut the breaker down so he doesn't end up on his keester. He gets them hooked up and I turn the breaker back on. Great! They're attached and the fire is burning nicely. While we stand there chatting and trying to decide if they really go there or not...LOL....all of a sudden....whoosh!! Here comes water and steam out the pressure value all over the place. Yikes! What caused that? He hit the value to shut it down and decided maybe something's not hooked up right. You think? LOL!!

He tries connecting the wires to a few more places *grin*. Each time the pressure valve blows and after about 4 hrs of playing with this thing he decides there's something wrong. No kidding! LOL! He decides to let the fire die out and says the pressure value should be fine now. Yea...right! LOL! Every 20 minutes for the next 3 hrs it blows. He finishes barn chores and comes back in. After telling him my escapades of the last 3 hrs he decides he needs to look into it further.'s now about 8pm. :) He proceeds to play with it a little more and says it won't blow anymore. Off to bed we head about 10:45. I no sooner got one eye closed when....WHHOOOSHHHHHHHHHH! Here it goes again. Well, since I tend to move a little faster than he, I grope for some shoes and head to the basement to hit it for, hopefully, one last time. LOL!

So, by now I'm sure you're wondering where "toasted and roasted coconuts" comes into play. I'm getting to that. LOL! We finally figured out that two screws that were supposed to be opened weren't and thus, the hot water was not circulating through the pipes and that's why the pressure value was blowing. Houston...we now have heat going through the pipes and upstairs. YEA!! Well, hold the applause.... We have way too much heat! I'm used to it being 64 in the house and every time I turn around the thermostat has now risen another 2 degrees and I'm peeling off clothes (while he continues to add more wood to the fire). It's about time to break out the bikini....NOT! LOL! As of yesterday when I came back from doing errands, it was 76 in this house. YIKES!! Thus, I told him he was roasting and toasting my coconuts! LOL!

We've now shut the fire down for a day or so until the temperature drops in the house, which it will as the outside temps are in the low 20's. We're down to 70 as of this am. So, probably by tonight or tomorrow am, we'll be able to stoke it up and start again. Evidently when they installed this new furnace, they've changed some wiring around so that the wood stove no longer reads the thermostat that's upstairs. Now, will he decide that we need someone to come in and check it out or won't he? That is the question. My opinion...probably not as he likes it a lot hotter in the house than I do, so I have a feeling I'll be living in shorts and a tank top this winter. LOL!! Beats using heating oil tho!

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Danielle said...

If you want to wear shorts and tanks this winter, come down to Texas! That is what I am usually wearing. LOL!