Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Second Favorite Bird

The cardinal is my second favorite bird...the hummingbird being my absolute favorite bird. :) We've had some gorgeous cardinals here this year. So, I whipped out my new camera to see how well it works. So...what do you think?

I already have a Nikon D50, but when Kim and I went to Europe, she brought along her new Canon Powershot SX100. You should have seen the shots she got! This Canon has a 10X optical zoon, so the shots were as close up as mine were when I put my 300mm lens on my Nikon. When I got home, I decided I had to get one of these great cameras to carry in my purse, as I hate to carry my big Nikon in the car with me daily for fear something will happen to it, or that it might be stolen. So, I've had the Canon for awhile now and decided to give it a try the other day when I saw the cardinal in the tree. Both of these photos were taken from inside my house through the window and screen, and across the driveway and side yard!! Amazing! BTW, I ended up with the Powershot SX110. I ordered the SX100 from Amazon, but they were out and sent me the new SX110 for the same price! Needless to say, Amazon gets my vote for a great company!

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