Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Kim and I did some scrapping this week of our CTMH Mediterranean Cruise. The Magic Fountain in Barcelona was one of the most breathtaking things that we saw. We were tired that day (Saturday) as we had only gotten about 8 hrs. sleep since we left NY on Wednesday. We'd walked Las Ramblas on Saturday afternoon and had gone to see La Sagrada Familia church. We headed back to the hotel after seeing La Sagrada Familia to rest for a little bit. After sitting down it was all we could do to get going again. LOL! But, the Magic Fountain was within walking distance of the hotel, so off we went. What a beautiful sight! As the water danced in various colors, the music played. It was amazing, gorgeous, and every other adjective you could think of!

So today, when I should be cleaning house or stacking the firewood, I just had to take the time to do the journaling to finish our page and post it here for all to see. We must have taken well over 50 photos each of the fountain, so this is just a small representation of splendor.



Janice Wilson said...

Beautiful pages Suzanne. I want to go on one of these trips some day.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Janice!
You can do it! It's so worth the work as they spoil us with goodies every night.