Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plane crashes at my daughter's house

Scary stuff! She has a farm near the local airport.'s not a big airport, but planes do fly over frequently. Anyway, a small plane just crashed through the fence of one of the paddocks. There were four horses in the paddock at the time. In this age of the internet, it only took maybe 1 hour for the news to hit the local newspaper. LOL!

The Post Star

The paper mentions that it didn't phase the three horses in the paddock. What they failed to mention was there were four horses turned out and one went over the fence. Thankfully, one of my granddaughters was able to catch that one and she's fine. Hopefully, she won't miscarry due to the fright.

I'm beginning to think she should move! Shortly after she purchased the house, a car flipped over and rolled down the hill into her front yard! And..they say things happen in threes....what's next?!


Tracy said...

Oh my that sounds scary.

Hope the horse is Ok.


Suzanne said...

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Definitely scary as we keep thinking about what could have happened had it hit the house. The granddaughters were there when it happened.