Friday, May 28, 2010

Our newest addition

How cute is this little guy?? He is such a sweety. :) He was born Wednesday evening. Looks to be a little preemie as he is small. As planned, we were there when he was born and stayed right there as we weren't sure how his mom would be as a mom. She had a foal last year that was badly deformed and only took a couple of breaths. She put her hoof on it's heart, so we weren't sure if that was just animal instinct, or if she meant to be mean. Anyway, we decided we needed to stay right with her until we knew how she would react. After about an hour, it was obvious that this little guy would not be safe with her, so we had to separate them. So, now he's my bottle baby....although I think he thinks I'm his mom :) He's flying around the stall already and it was hard to snap any pictures as I'd run to one side of the stall and before the camera would focus, he'd be right in front of me again. LOL!! After trying to snap the pictures, he decided it was time to eat again...think of the movie where the baby says Lunch. LOL! Can't remember the name of it :)

Now, I' sure you're wondering why I have this picture of my finger here. The strangest thing happened! While feeding the little guy, some of his mother's milk got on my hands. In less than a minute my middle finger started to swell. It became purple and full of edema so that I couldn't even bend it. There were no cuts on the finger to let the milk get under the skin. I came in and washed it, iced it and even put some Benedryl spray on it. I'm assuming it's an allergic reaction to the mother's milk, so now I'm using a plastic glove on that hand just in case. It's still swollen this morning and even more purple than it was yesterday. Hopefully, it goes away quickly!


Tracy said...

Awww He is cute.
Why was the mom unable to care for her little guy.
And about your finger, maybe you use it too much lol.

Jenn Embry said...

Oh he is so cute. What a sweetie. Too bad momma didn't take care of him. Sorry about your finger. That looks so painful. I hope it heals quickly.

Suzanne said...

LOL, Tracy!! The finger is getting better. Almost back to it's normal color :)
He seems to be coming along great. Guzzles down 8 oz every 2 hours like it's his last meal. Not sure why, Tracy, the mom didn't want him. I guess she just wasn't cut out for motherhood. :(

Denise said...

What a cutie! You'd better get that finger looked at if it's still purple!!