Monday, December 10, 2012

Time Flies!

Does anybody else feel like Christmas is closing in extremely fast?!  All of a sudden I feel like I need the world to stop for a week so that I can catch up.  LOL!  I spent the better part of the weekend putting up the Christmas tree and decorating outside.  Here's a picture of outside.  There are lights on the swag, the wreath and in the greenery in the pots. I got the pot idea from Pinterst :)  We pulled out our big trees last spring and put in some new shrubs.  It will take a number of years before they are big enough to put lights on, so I wanted to come up with something to replace them.

I need to get a nighttime picture, but it started raining before I got a chance to last night.  Hopefully, I'll get one some time this week!

Headed off to sew for the day.  Have a great Monday everybody!

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Amy Coose said...

Can't wait to see a nighttime pic, the decorations look great!