Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Two Favorite Apps!

I love to listen to music.  I don't usually have the TV on during the day, as I'm not usually in the same room long enough to know what's going on :)   I finally got around to doing a scan on our HDTVs to get those random digital stations.  Upon doing this, I found this great station with videos called The Country Network.  So, I've been listening to it pretty much all day, every day.  I have found some great artists that don't seem to get any airplay on traditional radio stations.  Turns out, they have an app!  The app covers lots of different music genres from Latin to Pop to Rock, Country and more.  The app is called Zuus.

I found this next app courtesy of a Pea at Two Peas in the Bucket on the NSBR board.  It's called Songza.  I like Pandora, but this app puts Pandora to shame!  Or, maybe it's just my Pandora it puts to shame, as it seems to play mostly older music and not the latest.  Songza gives you the option of different types of music, such as "wake up happy", "working out", "drinking gourmet coffee", "brand new music" and more.  Once you click on one of the categories, you can then choose from the music genre that you'd like, whether country, indie, Top 40 and more.

So, if you're looking for some new apps, be sure to check these out! 

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