Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Country Style Picket Fence

I was perusing Facebook one day...ok, who am I kidding, I peruse it at least once a day. :)  Anyway, I saw this really cool accent piece created by Country Craft House and I just had to have one.  Here's a link to the Country Craft House Facebook page.  I love all of their primitive items!

 So, I set out to find the items I would need to create it.  I found the pickets on sale at Lowe's.  I hunted the internet, AC Moore, Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree and I'm sure some places that I missed to find the word Home.  I bought the individual letters to create it at AC Moore.  But, before I had a chance to glue them together, I had to take my husband's truck in for service.  So, in that small town they have a Yankee Dollar.  Of course I had to hit it and, and low and behold, they had the Home plaques.  So, I grabbed two as I was also making one of these for our daughter for Mother's Day.  I found the burlap ribbon in AC Moore at 40% off.  I had a star stencil, so I painted the stars on the ribbon with the same True Burgundy paint that I used on my Home sign.  The lanterns I found in Walmart.  They come in black and I spray painted mine blue. They're meant to be oil lanterns, so you'll find them in the area with the candles.  Fabulous!  Now, the star was easy to find.  After looking online and not having ordered one yet, I had to go into Tractor Supply for something else and found the patriotic stars.  The grapevine came from AC Moore.  It's a round spool of it and I went across the pickets twice to use up the spool and make it look fuller.  So...without further ado, here's my version.

I made a second one for our daughter for Mother's Day.  The only thing different on hers is that I left the lantern black, as she has a white house with black trim and a red door.

Oh, one more thing.  In order to make it stand up without driving the pickets into the ground, I purchased those green metal fence posts and bolted them onto the back of the two outer pickets.  Well, not really the pickets but the cross pieces. The stakes are the ones that are 48" long.  Now..that was another story :)  I had bought some shorter stakes, but they weren't going to work (we have a lot of wind), so I headed to Lowe's to get these metal ones.  Ran into an employee who tried to talk me out of them.  He thought I should put wooden stakes on it, but they only come in 36".  I tried to explain to him how it was going to look, but ended up having to take him to the outside area where they had fence sections so he could see what I meant by a picket fence.  Then he wanted to sell me long boards for me to cut and make the point on the end.  After telling him I didn't want to go to that much work, he suggested the green fence pieces.  LOL!  It only took about an hour for him to come around.  LOL!  Nice guy though and I'm taking a picture in next time I go so that I can show him if he's working.

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Christina Collins said...

This is beautiful, and such a great idea! Very inspiring.