Thursday, May 16, 2013

Working with the No Limits Layout in Studio J

Today I'm posting a little tutorial to show how easy it is to create a layout from scratch in Studio J.  While using the pre-designed layouts is great, having the freedom to do whatever you'd like is great also!

In this first picture, you will see what the No Limits layout looks like before you do anything with it.

You'll want to change these photo wells into text wells.  When you click within the photo well, an option box will pop up looking like this.

See the option box on the upper right page.  At the top line of it, the second item from the right gives you the option to change each of these photo wells into the text wells.  Click on that and you'll have a page that looks like this.

Notice in the upper left of each of the pages, it says "Add Journaling".  Just click the "Edit Text" option and delete that.  Once you have this, you'll want to start adding your papers to the page.  I went for really simple so that it would be easy to see what I'm doing.  I'm using the Avonlea paper packet. may be wondering how I am losing the Toolset and the thumbnails of the pages I've worked on.  You'll see the words under the green section where you can hide or show them.  As you can see, the left page I've left at the 12x12 and dragged and dropped the one Background paper into it.  On the right page, I've created a new text box that is 4" x 12".  I deleted the "Add Journaling" and then dragged my choice of paper into that spot.  I then created another text box that was 8" x 12", deleted the "Add Journaling" and it's ready to drop my choice of paper into it.In this picture, on the left, you can see all of your options for spots, whether it's "add picture", "add journaling", "add title" or "quick title tool".

Before I added my photo wells and journaling spot, I used one of the My Stickease borders to cover the seam on the right page.

Once I've drop papers in to all the spots, I'll go through and put my photo wells wherever I would like them.
The automatic default size is 4" x 6", but you'll have the pop up just like in the second photo above to change your photo wells to whatever size you would like them.

Following that, I added my photo mats to each, again using the pop up tool.

I then used some of the My Stickease to dress up the pages.

See the little "On this Day" pull out.  It's a My Stickease, and then I did the option of sending it to the back so that it would be behind the picture.  I added a Title spot on the upper right page, then used the Quick Title Tool to add "My Family.  Since this page was created as a demo, I didn't put a lot of embellishments on it so that you'd be better able to see the options that you have. 

I'm so excited about these new options for the No Limits layout.  I can see so many ways to use this. 

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