Thursday, June 6, 2013

These Smell Great!

Happy Thursday!! I ran out last night and took a few pictures of some of my flower beds. We're expecting 2-3 days of rain with as much as 4-5 inches. So, I know these beds are going to be ruined by the time it gets done. My lilacs were gorgeous and then the rains came and they were brown in a couple of days.

This garden smells so good! I could stand there and sniff all day. Wish I had smellablog so you could smell it also.

Please excuse the few weeds in it.  I went out to weed the other day and there were more bees than flowers.  I'm allergic to bees, so, I thought it best to get the heck out of there.  The pink peonies are such old plants.  We've been in this house for 38 years and they were here when we came.  There's not as many as there used to be as I dug some up and gave them to our daughter.  There used to be a big mulberry tree in the middle but it was hit by lightening and we had to take it down.  Now, the song goes...round and round the mulberry bush...did they not know they grew into trees?  LOL!  The one that was in this bed we think was started by a little bird poop.   You see, the birds love those berries and there was no tree in this bed.  We had a huge mulberry tree about 20 feet before this one. The berries are full of seeds. All of a sudden we saw the one growing in this bed.  Oh joy!!  Do you have any idea what a mess they make?  LOL!  Our daughter used to love to sit under the big tree and play.  The yard was always a mess with berries falling off the trees.  Her bare feet and her little butt were purple every night.  Not to worry tho, lemon juice will take it right off :)  Both trees are gone now....I'm so sad....NOT!  :) 

Now, I have a little PSA.  I don't know if you've ever heard about Zenni Optical online.  Our son wears glasses and won't wear sunglasses because he can't see far away without his glasses. I wanted to get him a set that change with the sunlight, but I wasn't sure if he would wear them.  I sure didn't want to pay $300-$400 for a set of glasses that he wouldn't wear. I heard about Zenni Optical on Two Peas in a Bucket and decided to try them out.  I couldn't believe the prices!!  $6.95 for frames!  $19.00 for the photogray process! $4.95 for the anti-reflection.  The protective coat is free.  I got him a new set of glasses for $35, and that included the shipping!  They just came today and they are really nice.  So, if you're looking for a place to get less expensive glasses, be sure to check it out.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

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