Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deal of the Day!

Oops!  I just realized I didn't post a deal yesterday.  Today will have two different deals.

Have you checked out the Base and Bling wearable art yet?  These are so cool.  And, to make them even cooler, there's a way where you only have to purchase one set of bases.  Since the Bases are metal, you can put a small magnet piece on the back of your Bling and swap them out, rather than having to buy a base for every bling.   Without further ado...here's the first Deal of the Day.

Purchase any two bases and one bling and get another bling FREE. Hop on over to my website to see all of the Base and Bling

If you have any questions about the bases, bling or the special, please shoot me an email.

For the second Deal of the Day...

Purchase any of our How-to books


and get one of the Make it From the Heart booklets FREE!

Please email me if you have any questions.  You must email me your order to take advantage of these offers.

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