Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's on your Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list?  I never really did until the last few years.  I still have more places that I would like to visit.  Top of my list is to go back to Paris, as we only had a day there and there is just too much to see in a day.  I'd also love to get back to Rome.  While there we got a quick tour of The Vatican and saw it through the camera lens.  We did not see the Sistine Chapel, so I need to go back to see them.

I also have on my list: Moscow, Istanbul and Wales.  I have a cousin who lives in Moscow with his family.

 Who wouldn't want to see these fabulous places in person.  Aren't these buildings absolutely gorgeous?!

For some unexplained reason, I want to see the Taj Mahal.  Don't ask me why!

My Mom was Welsh, so I've always been interested in going to Wales.  In the little town in VT where I grew up, there's a Welsh room in the College.  Many extended cousins have traveled here to visit.

Now, a few things that could be easier to attain.  I'd like to do a 5K, but, I guess that means I need to start running.  LOL's a few more

  • Re-learn French and use it in Paris
  • Have six pack abs....I think I should have done this at a younger age. :)
  • Learn to Ballroom Dance
  • See a New England Patriots game at Gillette Stadium
  • Cruise The Nile
  • Ride a Gondola in Venice
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Win the lottery for more than $20 (Guess I need to play it to win it)
  • Visit the Grand Old Opry
While working on my list, I perused other lists and it was fun to see things on their lists that I have already done.  For instance:
  • Drive a golf cart...done...we use one to get around the farm
  • Visit of the most amazing things I saw in 2008
  • Ride Horseback...have ridden since I was a kid
  • Snow ski...did in my younger sure I'd break something if I did it now!
  • Water ski...did many years ago and loved it
So...what's on your bucket list?  Brush off your list, post in the comments, then head over to Jeanette Lynton's blog and let her know.  Someone will win the materials to make a CTMH Base & Bling accessory.

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