Saturday, September 2, 2017

More of my Creative Outlets

I think I have done almost every craft there is. Still have macrame rope, reeds for baskets, and lots of other crafty things. Now, to just find out what else is in those boxes. LOL I'd love to learn stain glass, as that is one I've never tried. Someday...

I think my favorite one is painting. I could paint all day, everyday, if I had the opportunity. My best friend and I started painting mailboxes at the same time. We were hooked after watching Donna Dewberry on QVC one day. Of course, every time Donna was on, she had a new kit that we had to have. :)

Sadly, I lost my best friend in June of 2002. I've continued to paint, both as a way of remembering her, and, also make a little money.

These are the most recent ones that I've taken into the shop where I sell them.

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